Four Luxury Level Scents, A World To Discover

From Rich & Indulgent, To Bright & Romantic

  • Doheny Drive

    Grapefruit, Mandarin

    & Fresh Cut Rose

    Doheny Drive

    Aroma: Citrusy, Bright, Dewy, Lush

    Be transported to the West Coast to soak in sunset hues while catching subtle florals off a coastal breeze.

  • Mayfair

    Bergamot, Fresh Lime,

    Tuberose & Sandalwood


    Aroma: Zesty, Creamy, Rich, Woody

    Be transported to the heart of London, capturing the essence of Mayfair’s timeless sophistication, elegance, and charm.

  • Highrise

    Red Currant,

    Velvet Plum & Amber


    Aroma: Sweet, Vibrant, Juicy, Deep

    Be transported to a luxurious penthouse in the city, taking in the allure of the glittering skyline and the mesmerizing energy of Manhattan.

  • Terrace View

    Fresh Orange, Bergamot,

    Rhubarb & Nutmeg

    Terrace View

    Aroma: Vibrant, Citrusy, Tart, Warm

    Be transported to the Tuscan countryside and bask in the sun-kissed glow of a golden sunrise and sweeping picturesque views.

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